Dark Sky Paradise

What Am I Doing?!

I can't do this.

I give up.

I can't give up.

I got this.

I can do this.

SHIT! What Am I Doing?!

Dark skies looming.

Another storm is coming.

Sometimes feeling like it'll never end.

Sun-kissed and blessed by the most high.

Light lives within; your own little PARADISE.

Weather yet another storm.

Live to fight another battle.

This war does not end until we do.


Dark Sky Paradise is a visual representation of both finding and being the light within ourselves through hardships and less than desirable situations. So much inner turmoil comes with being a creator. We often find ourselves engulfed with self-doubt and uncertainty in hopes of producing greatness.

They say everything you want is on the other side of fear; but what if greatness is your fear. As I continue my journey to more self-awareness and strengthening my voice as an artist, I have to find the light within in my darkness.

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