Why I’m Considering Giving Up Photography

The truth is I’m not really giving up photography and probably won’t ever truly quit. I love capturing moments and creating memories entirely too much. But to say that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind would be a lie. Every day, I spend hours in front of the computer screen at work, only to go home and spend hours in front of the computer screen all over again. Lately, I’ve felt like I am wasting my youth visually displaying life instead of actually living it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not ALL bad. Right before the New Year we decided to get out and take a hike at Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange, NJ. These are the moments I absolutely live for.

Take a look:

Have you ever felt like you were being pulled in a ton of directions all at once? For me, I am all too familiar with this feeling and for the most part, I am always physically drained because of it. Juggling being an upstanding citizen, a son, brother, boyfriend, business owner, creator and more. Little day trips like this make it all seem worth it, if only for a few hours.    

 Scroll down for more images from our day at the Eagle Rock Reservation.

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