When I Come Back Like Jordan.

Sometimes in the pursuit of perfection we become crippled by the thought of not being perfect. These images were taken off an almost 3 month break from personal photography. Whoever said “if you do what you love, it’ll never feel like work” lied and should be stoned. I would sometimes go weeks without touching my camera because the thought of working on anything that wasn’t bringing in an income felt a little counterproductive. I had forgotten why I loved photography and needed a little reminder. I love to create and should do more of it, regardless of it ever being seen. I’m not the biggest sneaker head for a few reasons; 1. I love photo gear and would rather put my money there; 2. I didn’t grow up well off so I took what my parents could afford, and it wasn’t Jordan’s; 3. I’m all about comfort, but if you tryna gift me a pair I’m a size 11. Below are a series of images of the newly re-released Jordan XI Concords made popular by Michael Jordan’s return to the Chicago Bulls. Shout out to the homie Don for coming thru with the kicks and being my subject; more collabs on the way.

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