1. Live & Learn: 10 Things I Have To Remind Myself As A Full-Time Photographer

    2019-02-18 23:08:00 UTC
    This past weekend was the one year anniversary of an event that shaped the rest of my year. No, I’m not talking about the premiere of Black Panther, although that was, and still is AWESOME! One year ago, February 16th, 2018 I lost my job. Don’t feel bad, I hated…

  2. South of Houston [NYC, 2017]

    2017-09-12 02:03:07 UTC
    This past week I was finally able to get out the house and shoot. This might be a strange statement to you, but for me, it seems like the hardest thing in the world to for me to do these days. As a photographer, yes I am behind the camera…

  3. A Love Made In Trenton

    2017-01-26 01:42:00 UTC
    It’s kinda crazy that we’ve been dating 2 years. We both have a lot to celebrate and a a lot to reflect on. I cannot believe how fast time files. I don’t ever want to take it for granted. Ever second with her counts. Happy Anniversary to us. Below are…

  4. Why I’m Considering Giving Up Photography

    2017-01-17 22:28:00 UTC
    The truth is I’m not really giving up photography and probably won’t ever truly quit. I love capturing moments and creating memories entirely too much. But to say that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind would be a lie. Every day, I spend hours in front of the computer screen…

  5. “Tell Your Story As Only You Can.”

    2017-01-11 03:45:00 UTC
    During the Golden Globes, I watched Donald Glover win for his hit show Atlanta. It made me think about what my story was and what medium could be used to tell it best. Like most, my story has a multitude of layers. Many people know me in different capacities, in…

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